A Contemporary American Art Deco Style Chandelier



Designer VerificationNone
Country of origin
United States
Measures (Inches)
- Height: 13 1/2 - Diameter: 21 1/2"

It’s hard to believe this is not an original antique chandelier. '

Authentic accurate American Art Deco streamline chandelier recreation. All the unique elements are here for a true Streamline design: Nickel plating, 1938 era type shades, world globe decor center stem like a miniworld’s fair. Not to mention the matte black accents on bottom bowl, stem and canopy. How accurate can you be for painstaking authentic décor?!

Since we are curators of the only American Art Deco Light Museum , when we recreate a light, there are no short cuts. Only authentic totally recreated parts and methods will do. Note the wonderful stack tier finials and how the concentric line decor on the main bowl, canopy, and shade fitters all match so nicely. Truly a great light.

Measurements: For a low ceiling, this fixture hangs a mere 13 ½“. It has a diameter of 21 ½” from shade to shade.

While this fixture is for lower ceilings, we can and do make a version with a much longer drop. A nickel plated tube, not chain, is installed between the small disk and canopy to achieve a longer drop. We can install as much as 35 additional inches making the normal range between 17” to 48 ½” drop. Just tell us the exact length you need. A small upcharge for a longer drop is normal.