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    Pasaje Solar Restaurant in Antique Row San Telmo Buenos Aires

    The neighborhood of San Telmo in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is most known as the Antique District in the capital.   Cobblestone streets, pictureseque 19th century architecture, a state of the art Modern Art Museum, weekly flea market, incredible antique stores all combine to create a wonderful neighborhood for anyone, especiallly those looking to find the new Les Halles.
    The restaurant, Pasaje Solar (also an 8 room hotel built in the late 1880's) has excellent food, a great cellar and the friendliest staff I have ever seen!

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    Philip Kelvin Laverne Spring Festival Console Table

  • Francesca Trelani, Iza Emmett, Chulhun Park, Rossinavi
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    ROSSINAVI and the Millenials | Yacht Designs at Art Basel

    DESIGN MIAMI / ART BASEL - November 29, 2016
    MODERNISM isn't just 20th Century!   I am extremely excited to have found incredible PASSION in the work of these designers and their COO, Federico Rossi. The vision they have for the future is being created NOW in this line of very high "tech" yachts!!!   The design is impeccable.  

  • Wharton Esherick Sofa
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    MODERNE GALLERY exhibits at Design Miami / Art Basel


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    Metal Magic

    It’s another Monday here at, which means that it’s time for another blog post. Last week, we showed you all a selection of vintage and mid-century décor to transform your office into a scene from Mad Men. Today we’re going to give focus to one incredible type of décor that is sold frequently here on metal. Metal can give your home a sleek, shiny, and modern style with the right pieces and ornamentation.

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    Find Your Mad Men Look With

         The stylistic designs of the 1950s and 1960s still remain as prevalent as ever within our home and the media. One example of America’s love for the vintage is the iconic, sultry television show known as Mad Men. Set at an advertising agency in the 1960s, Mad Men displays beautiful vintage decor as well as sets a contrast to the cutthroat dealings that occur in the show. Here’s how to make your home or office appear like that of the classic television show.

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    History And Characteristics Of The Art Deco Style

         Art Deco made its signature mark during the 1920s and early 1930s. The style occurred against the backdrop of the Roaring ‘20s in America and recovering Europe on the mend from World War One. It gained popularity once again in the 1960s and then again in the 1980s. The Art Deco style can be found in fashion, architecture, furniture, and art throughout the US and the world. Great examples of Art Deco buildings are New York’s Chrysler Building and Radio City Music Hall. The tropical Art Deco style can be seen in the Art Deco Historic District in Miami Beach, Florida.

  • Best of The Web 2000
    administrator Best Of The Web 2000

    BEST: The extensive descriptions often include information on previous owners. That handsome 1930s settee somehow looks even more attractive once you know that it belonged to George Gershwin.
    See the complete article HERE

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    The Enduring Appeal of Art Deco

    A heightened interest in art deco design is taking hold these days, say a number of dealers. “As today’s collectors see art deco as the precursor of modern design, that element of historical importance makes for enor­mous appeal,” explains Fabien Mathivet, whose eponymous gallery is located on the Left Bank in Paris. Susan Weber, founder and director of the Bard Graduate Center in New York, says the style resonates on multiple levels.

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    Antiques + Modernism Winnetka Show 2014

    The 2014 Antiques + Modernism Winnetka Show will open with a Preview Party on Thursday, November 6 and run from Friday, November 7 to Sunday, November 9. Presented by The Woman’s Board of Winnetka Community House, this spectacular style and design event has become a tradition in Winnetka and on the North Shore.