Decorative LED Office Ceiling Light

ART DECO-Modernism


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United States
Measures (Inches)
- Height: 38 - Width: 20 - Length: 50

255-LED 4' 2" Long Energy Efficient Art Deco LED Tube Office or Kitchen Light

255-LED2FT 2' Long Energy Efficient Art Deco LED Tube Office or Kitchen Light

Upscale offices often resort to energy inefficient fixtures simply because there isn’t an upscale energy efficient fixture that appeals to them. 255-LED ceiling light will appeal to many of those upscale locations. Model 255-LED Office Chandelier is a blend of both energy saving & recycled elements. The shaded portion of the fixture is made from 58 glass tubes nestled & fed thru channels at each end of the light. These glass tubes are made from recycled glass. Recycled glass is added to the new glass material, and then the tubes are formed. Tubes allows the pass through of light productively but reduce the glare after coming through the double layer of the glass formed by a glass tube.

The T8 LED light tubes are state of the art. Five LED tube lights are included in the purchase price. Our fixture does not require a ballast, nor a starter or transformer. Many LED lighting/tubes are simple tubes of glass, or plastic-only, while the T8 LED light tubes have an aluminum heat sink backing which gives them a reliable longevity of 50,000 to 60,000 hours.

Additionally, the LED tubes are efficient. Each LED tube uses 25 watts of power, yet gives an output of 1600 lumens. Two LED Kelvin hues are offered...2700K (more incandescent looking) and 4100K (a bright white output). The 255-LED fixture can accept a range of electrical supply. The electrical current range is 110 volts to 240 volts at either 50Hz or 60Hz. Ask about our 2ft LEDs for our shorter version of this fixture.

This light is dramatic and attractive while being cost efficient. A period style appearance with the latest technology. An elegant statement for any home or office. Great for kitchen task lighting.