Large Art Deco Streamline Tubular Led Sconce



Designer VerificationNone
Country of origin
United States
Measures (Inches)
- Height: 30" - Width: 4" - Diameter: 2 1/4"

30-LRG-LED 30" Large Art Deco Streamline Tubular LED Sconce From our popular 30-STL-NES sconce comes it’s big brother, 30-LRG-LED. Polished nickel finish. Totally re-engineered, it is our copyrighted design for both energy efficiency and darn good looks. Now the overall length is 30”. This lighting source is a specially designed LED fixture using a 2 foot LED tube with T-8 holders. Each customer chooses whether they wish a standard LED tube...or...a dimming LED tube, since the wiring for each is different. This needs to be determined before we build it for you. The bulbs cannot be interchanged as the fixture wiring determines it’s bulb type. If choosing the dimming bulb, dimming needs to be accomplished by a wall dimmer switch. Uniquely, the bottom finial of the sconce is also a switch but only for off/on. Measurements: Overall height 30” finial to finial. The width of the center tube component is 2 1/4” diameter. The backplate is 4” diameter. Yes, the tube is a “contrax” tube which means it has deco scalloped lines for it’s design. A very effective deco motif and very hard to get nowadays. Sconce installation takes place before the glass tube or LED bulb are installed. The mounting screw is behind the glass tube and becomes near invisible after installation. After mounting the sconce frame to an UL approved mounting box with the supplied mounting kit, installation of the glass contrax tube, LED tube and top cap are achieved to finish. Comes complete with the type LED tube (fixed or dimmable) that you wish. We also carry replacements even after a couple of years life.