Large Theater Art Deco Light Sconce

ART DECO-Modernism


Designer VerificationNone
Country of origin
United States
Measures (Inches)
- Height: 25 - Width: 15 - Depth: 9 1/4"

204-DECO Theater Art Deco Light Sconce

The original sample was Circa 1930's. This sconce is one of a kind, specially made for a theater, of which, we have not seen any other similar examples.

Electrical: This sconce is wired in our UL shop. For economy and energy savings, we have used an energy efficient electronic ballast supporting two 2G11 twin fluorescent bulbs. We will supply the first two bulbs free. Choose either two 40 watt for low intensity lighting, or two 55 watt bulbs for higher lighting wishes. Our ballast is really unique. It is a “world” ballast. It can accept and convert power from either 120 volt or 277 volt....50 Hz or 60 Hz. It is robust and energy efficient too.

Shades are acrylic and the color is as seen with applied decals...just like the 1930's. If you had a project which requires several sconces, talk to us if a different acrylic shade color or metal finish is desired to match color schemes. We have to order 100 shades, at a time, so we would really like a special shade color order to take a major bite out of that requirement. Metal finishes can be done “in house,” so we are flexible there.

All mounting hardware will be supplied.


25” tall from the base to the metal tip.

The shade has a maximum width of 15”.

Projects into a room from the wall at 9 1/4”.

Could be supplied with a switch, but the standard sconce is not supplied since normally theaters do not like the public to have access to electrical powered devices.

UL wired sconce.