Nautical Marine Close Ceiling Bowl Light Fixture

ART DECO-Modernism


Designer VerificationNone
Country of origin
United States
Material and techniquesLost Wax Cast Brass
Measures (Inches)
- Height: 10 - Diameter: 11

Here is a very authentic unique light from the deco era, Circa 1920-40. Every element of it has a nautical motif. Cannot get a more marine motif light than this one that serves many special circumstances. This is NOT a sheet-metal tinny light. Every part of this light is a brass casting with second machine operations. Being quality made, the frame alone approaches 4 pounds in weight. (casting weights do vary slightly). Add our 0625G nautical shade which also weighs in a 4 pounds of glass and the resulting fixture is a substancial quality 8 pounds. Other measurements are: 10” overall height from the ceiling to the bottom of the anchor finial. The compass ceiling canopy is 11”diameter from E to W and N to S. The 0625G glass bowl is also 10” diameter. Two porcelain sockets allow a 200 watts of lighting. If you would, take a minute to check out the uniqueness of the 0625G shade. It took us over 10 months to make the dies with several revisions and improvements. We wanted it beautiful. Note that there are three images surrounding the shade. A lighthouse; an anchor; and a sailing ship. On the bottom there is a compass with the mirror-image directions highlited in red. Add to these the twisting sea rope borders and the design is so nautical marine. Picture the possible applications...small bedroom; office; bar; sports room; bathroom; or anywhere there is a mounted fish on the wall, seaside location or even great for a fish restaurant. Just plain neat !