Art Deco Oscar Series Figural Sconce

ART DECO-Modernism


Designer VerificationNone
Country of origin
United States
Measures (Inches)
- Height: 10 1/2" - Width: 4 1/2" - Depth: 4 1/2"

392-DK Darkened hi/lo finish w/o shade
392-ZN Pewter one tone finish w/o shade

There were stylized images of human figures and animals throughout the Art Deco era beginning with the Paris expo (Exposition des Arts Decoratifs) in 1925. We know that this expo is where Art Deco got it’s name and many of the design elements of the period.

Here we present one of the most Art Deco sconces ever made and now redesigned by us, for our Art Deco enthusiasts. It’s just so very iconic. We had this sconce in mind when we designed the VERY Art Deco shade 0319G and 0319AMG shown below. Together, they made a very loud statement of your Art Deco taste and preference of design.

Cast as the original in white metal, we can supply this sconce in two normal 1930s finishes. The high low finish with dark background, and, the pewter one tone finish often called a matt finish.

Measurements: The sconce without shade: 10 1/2” from the top to the bottom of the fitter. The maximum width (which is the backplate) is 4 1/2”. With our 0319G or 0319AMG will project into the room 4 1/2”. If you use your own shade, this will vary a bit. Overall height when using our 0319G or 0319AMG shades is 16”. It easily takes a 100 watt bulb. That second stylized knob, on the backplate, is a switch knob.