Lincoln Glen Falls Art Deco 2 Light Close Ceiling Fixture

ART DECO-Modernism


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Measures (Inches)
- Height: 7 - Width: 8 - Length: 12

372-RB-2L Red Bronze Finish 2 Light Glen Falls Close Ceiling Fixture (Pictured)

372-DK-2L Hi-Lo Pewter Finish 2 Light Glen Falls Close Ceiling Fixture (Pictured)

372-OB-2L Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish (Black) 2 Light Glen Falls Close Ceiling Fixture

Lincoln Mnf of Detroit Circa 1934 was one of the largest Art Deco slip shade makers in the US. They had a majority contract for a few years with Sears and were pictured in Sears' Hi-Glo Lighting catalogs.

One major group that they made for Sears was The Glen Falls Group. We have recreated this group since it was an important concession to the new building trends of lower 8 foot ceilings. We also have an original catalog picture of the "Glen Falls" suite to show the way it was presented in the 1930's.

This 2 Light is matching to the sconce and three light "Glen Falls" fixtures. It is unique because it does not allow any light out from the sides of the shade from any angle. All light goes through the shade.

This 2 Light can be fitted with a switch if so desired at a cost of $25.00.

The fixture is cast from white metal (just like the originals) and then has its finish hand-applied.

This ceiling light takes normal incandescent bulbs, but it can also take our special LED bulb 35C-E26 which spreads light evenly and draws a mere 1.6 watts.