Modernism.com gives its members access to the best 20th century art & design in the world. Modernism.com is a great destination for finding unique and rare art and design products, and is also a great information source to learn about the many designers, styles, and products of the 20th century. Whether you use this information to help educate yourself before purchases or looking for more research as a dealer, modernism.com is your one stop destination for 20th century art & design.
Modernism.com has been named “best of the web” by Forbes Magazine in 2000, and is now opening its doors to other dealers to bring all the best art and design of the 20th century on one site.

Modernism.com is not for everyone.  Dealers are invited to APPLY and are then screened and trained by modernism.com staff in person.   Joining modernism.com as an exclusive dealer is a privilege and will stay that way. Send us an email at support@modernism.com and we will have a modernism.com representative set up a meeting with you.

The items on this site are owned by Art and Design Galleries all across the world. Every single one of these dealers has been selected based on their extensive product knowledge, excellent inventory, and honesty and integrity. Each item shows what dealer owns the item and allows you to contact them for payment methods and shipping arrangements. These same dealers may also be interested in buying the items that they sell.

Simply click the request information button on the product you want to contact the dealer directly via email. The dealer will then contact you to set up shipping details and payment methods.

1. Click on an image
2.Click on a "Contact Dealer" Button
3. Fill the form and hit "submit", Do not forget to add  your email.

Shipping varies by location and dealer preferences. Most items on this site are shipped through white glove services to ensure these rare and unique items do not get damaged. If you would like a list of commonly used shippers feel free to inquire at support@modernism.com.

Modernism does appraise items through Estate Services Appraisals at www.estateservicesappraisals.com or contact support@modernism.com.  Our Appraisers are Jennifer Bird, ISA-AM and Ric Emmett, ISA-AM.

Every item on modernism.com has been vetted by the modernism.com team which is comprised of some of the most knowledgeable experts in modern design. Between them there is over 100 years of experience as gallery owners, independent art and design appraisers, and design authorship. Every single item is vetted by these professionals before it is published on modernism.com.