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  • Charla sobre la evolucion del Art Nouveau al Art Deco presentada en la ciudad de Buenos Aires,  Argentina por Iza Emmet, el 17 de Octubre del 2017
    Para todos aquellos que deseen saber en detalle como fue la evolucion del arte decorativo en el siglo 20, esta es una charla que debe escuchar.

    07 November 2017
  • The Herman Miller Company has withstood the test of time by being able to recognize new trends in customers' needs and genius in design.   

    30 October 2017
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  • Joe (Joseph) Wolins (1915 - 1999) was one of the VERY FEW American WPA artists still alive when we started collecting WPA prints in 1979.  (the Works Progress Administration was renamed in 1939 as the Work Projects Administration).  The Federal Art Project for which Joe woked was part of the WPA and it became the largest of the New Deal art projects, employing as many as 10,000 artists at one time.   We met Joe in 1984 and continued a relationship with him for the next 10 yea

    21 October 2017
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  • Jean Lurcat was born in Bruyeres, France on July 1, 1892.  His brother, Andre Lurcat became an architect.  He studied at the Faculy of Science in Nancy and was planning to become a doctor but decided against it and eventually studied under Jean Prouve the head of the Ecole de Nancy.  He was interested in engraving and in 1912 went to Paris to live with his brother, enrolling at the Academie Clorossi and studied under Bernard Naudin.

    30 July 2017
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  • This particular entry thanks to Iuri Izratzoff in Buenos Aires, Argentina.   In preparation for the 2019 Art Deco Congress we will be featuring many more of these great articles that Iuri has put together.  Thanks!!!

    16 June 2017
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  • Of course, I love everyhting to do with MODERNISM and Art Deco is a passion!   So we've done a lot of work to promote the Argentina Art Deco Association and have worked closely with Adriana Piastrellini, President of AdbA to promote all things Art Deco!!!   We are grateful to AdbA and the Argentine Consul General Mr. Marcelo Martin Giusto!

    18 May 2017
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  • The video below has been uploaded from youtube and it is all about her love for the Lithograph.

    23 March 2017
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  • Don and Lisa are exhibiting their great items at the 20th Century Cincinnati Show!   MODERNISM.COM has attended the show and it's one of our favorites!  Please go visit Don and Lisa at their booth!!!  A GREAT CHANCE TO SEE IN PERSON THE ITEMS THAT ARE POSTED ON THIS SITE!

    25 February 2017
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  • Weissman was born October 29, 1928 in Brooklyn, NY.
    He was married to his wife Rhoda who was also an artist for 58 years.
    He retired from a ladies sportswear company in 1959 and began sculpting and moved to California.
    He sculptures are in Palm Desert Country Club and many private collections.
    In 1996 he and his wife had a joint exhibition at Gallery 825 on La Cienega Bl., In Los Angeles.

    14 January 2017
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  • Robert Aibel is one of the world's leading authorities on George Nakashima, both as a collector as well as a dealer since 1984.  I was most impressed by his exhibit at the Design Miami - Basel show at the beginning of this month.  While we were "talking" I thought how great would it be if we could showcase his great knowledge of the work of this Icon of American Design.

    15 December 2016
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