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  • MODERNISM.COM & MODERNISM GALLERY are getting their ducks in a row for a great Art Deco Weekend!  We'll have some great items from Fiorelli Gallery, Worth Galleries, Iconic Design and of course from Guevara Galleries!!!  We'll have vintage books and vintage clothing and furniture and have to come see@!

    15 - 17 January 2016
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  • 19 - 22 November 2015
  • Groundbreaking Celebration Held Today for New Kirkland Museum


    14 September 2015
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    Or Click  HERE to download a great article in the summer issue of Modern Magazine.


    25 June 2015
  • So....I see quite a few of these day beds offered as KEM Weber.   While researching countless catalogs and period literature we were never able to verify ANYWHERE that this was KEM Weber designed.  We welcome comments to the contrary.  On Page # 282 of Ric Emmett's book, American Art Deco Furniture, he writes:  "This chaise lounge for Lloyd is often sold as "Designed by KEM Weber".   KEM Weber designed for Lloyd from 1935 - 1937.  His designs stayed in their line to 1938.

    09 June 2015
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  • I remember the first time I heard about Carpathian Elm Burl!   Ric had brought in a piece of furntiure and I thought to myself what nice burled wood!  After a while he handed me the copy that he wrote and he referred to "Carpathian Elm Burl" in a French vanity.   As we were doing research in Grand Rapids for the book, I found this guide in the Home Furnishing Arts Spring and Summer issues in 1935.  This great center fold has been quite useful in our appraisal business as well!

    08 June 2015
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  • We worked on this book for 4 years.   In the process, Ric was able to organize and document his 35 + years of buying, selling and collecting American Art Deco Furniture.  I'm very proud that I was able to help with this project.  The book is not only an excellent reference but also Ric's "work of art".   If you wish to purchase one of the copies (about 600 left) please click here:

    05 May 2015
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  • The holidays have come and gone, Christmas trees are lying in trash piles on the side of the road having fulfilled their Christmas destiny and will be now turned into mulch to fulfill their Spring destiny, which is a loose term down here in South Florida (currently we are at 82F here in Coral Gables). Snowbirds are flocking for their winter homes (which means more traffic for us locals).

    06 January 2015
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  • MY FAVORITE - NIKI DE SAINT PHALLE created this sculpture in 1991 ..... over 70" tall reminding me of the great fountain in Paris!   James Goodman Gallery

    If you go to ART MIAMI / CONTEXT you will see more works by Niki.....!!!

    02 - 07 December 2014
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  • Francisco Salamone might have been born in Buenos Aires in 1897or in Leonforte, Catania.   In any event, he went to live in Buenos Aires with his parents and his father was an architect from Catania.  He studied at the Otto Krause Technical institute in Buenos Aires and in the University of Cordoba, Argentina.  He became a good friend of a conservative Argentinian politician who was governor of the Province of Buenos Aires from 1936-1940.

    04 November 2014
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