12 Inches Art Deco Streamline Tubular Sconce

ART DECO-Modernism


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Measures (Inches)
- Height: 12" - Width: 4" - Depth: 3"

Art Deco Streamline deco tubular sconce. Simply a wow for being different and outstanding. Made of aluminum and zinc, it gives a satin-pewter look. It is fitted with the hard to find and distinctive ribbed glass tube and in its simplicity, makes a definite design statement. Besides using scarce ribbed glass tubing (2” diameter), the finial at the bottom is also a very clever on/off switch. In keeping with its simplicity, there are no mounting screws visible. They are hidden behind the glass tube which simply slides out for access and easy light bulb changes. So...no seen screws or switches or lugs or fasteners. Clean lines with a disguised switch. Pretty neat total streamline design. Measurements: The sconce measures 12 inches tall from the tip of each finial. The back plate is a full 4” wide to cover an electrical box. Projects into the room from the wall a mere 3”. Uses a tubular bulb which are readily available. The cap on the top is ventilated for the escape of heat generated by the bulb.