Art Deco Slip Shade Mid West Soleure Sconce Light

ART DECO-Modernism


Designer VerificationNone
Country of origin
United States
Measures (Inches)
- Height: 12 - Width: 5 - Depth: 4 1/2

120-SOL-ES Art Deco Slip Shade Mid West Soleure Sconce Light Original Red Bronze Finish 120-SOL-NP Art Deco Slip Shade Mid West Soleure Sconce Light Nickel Plated After two years of working on this project, we now offer one of the finest Art Deco recreations on the market today. Originally made by MidWest Manufacturing of Kansas City, Kansas in 1935, this company had a remarkable attitude towards the Great Depression. Their attitude was to make only the best, since there are always folks with money out there, even in the worst of times. So...for this “Soleure Series” we adopted a likewise philosophy. Makei t from the best materials (silicon bronze), by the best method (lost wax casting like jewelry is made), with the best glass shade, and finished it in a fine red bronze finish with highlights of the original metal... since there still are discriminating tastes out there in these times. New to this fixture, we are offering the sconce in a nickel plated finish. Since we are curators of the only American Art Deco Lighting Museum, ( see we can assure you that the original manufacturer and original manufacturing date of this fixture has been verified by our literature library as being from MidWest Mnfg and of this time period. Measurements: This Sconce has an overall height of 12“. It is has a 5” maximum width and projects a mere 4 ½” from the wall. The socket can handle up to a 100 watt incandescent bulb, or purchase our optional LED Art Deco looking bulb 60-WW-E26 , using only 7 watts and putting out about 75 watts of incandescent equivalent light. Makes running the sconce all night long, perhaps as a nite lite, very economical indeed and cool to the shade as well.