Large Art Deco Chandelier, 14 Light Soleure Chandelier

ART DECO-Modernism


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118-SOL-14L  Art Deco Chandelier, Soleure Series Large 14 Light Chandelier
Can you tell that this chandelier has been a total labor of affection?  From the Kenk original design to all of the fine lost wax castings, it has given all of us a serious case of PRIDE.  This fine light is just so beautiful.
Not only is this chandelier is totally energy efficient and can be used in the most stringent energy efficient venues as it can be a totally Dimmable LED entity.
Measurements:  The chandelier measures an impressive 36 1/2” diameter, and hangs from the shortest length of 39” to a standard maximum of 64” (or anywhere in-between).  While 64” is the standard supplied height, we can adjust it for you.  It can accept kits to lengthen it as well.  The great ceiling canopy has a diameter of 12 1/2” for a very attractive ceiling presentation.
This chandelier responds to our nice customers who have requested a larger Soleure chandelier to match our other lighting fixtures in the Soleure series (i.e.120-SOL-ES121-SOL-EP122-SOL-CC123-SOL-5L; and 124-SOL-6L).
Knowing that this chandelier could possibly have commercial applications, we designed it to concur with the new energy saving guidelines.  The large center acrylic shade, inside the reticulated solid cast bronze/brass bowl, is totally unique.  It is lit by a dimmable, two foot diameter, 36 watt, LED diffused round panel that produces nearly 3000 lumens for an even glow.  No hot spots.  We had this special dimmable LED panel made just for this light.  Then, each perimeter shade has an E26 normal medium base socket which can accept an LED dimmable bulb.  Finally, the 2nd tier has 4 chandelier sockets for LED lighting as well.  So, this entire unit can be made to be dimmable if desired.
HISTORY:  Our original Soleure fixtures were originally made by MidWest Manufacturing of Kansas City, Kansas in 1935. This company had a remarkable attitude towards the Great Depression.  Their attitude was to make only the best, since there are always folks with money out there, even in the worst of times.
So...for our “Soleure Series“, we adopted a likewise philosophy.  Make it from the best material (silicon bronze); by the best method (lost wax casting, just like jewelry is made); with the best glass shade cast from an original; and finish it in a fine bronze finish with highlights of the original metal...since there still are discriminating tastes out there in these times, too.
Kenk designs are curators of the only American Art Deco Lighting Museum (see