Large Antique-Brass Finish Church or Theater Lights



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Country of origin
United States

Large antique brass finished church or theater lights. Can also be great as an entrance light.

The glass is original frosted opaque. If you have a location where multiple lights are needed, please take note, that we now have SIX of these matching lights that were pulled from a location being demolished.

When we re-wired this fixture, we decided to give it the added dimension of Induction Lighting, which lasts 60,000 to 100,000 hours. One of the pictures shows the inside of the fixture with an induction circle lighting the entire light. The induction bulb is using only 40 watts, but is outputting the equivalent of 264 watts of incandescent light.

We love this adaptation but ..perhaps you won’t. Even though we carry replacement bulbs, alternatively, you COULD replace it with any large wattage mogul based incandescent bulb if you so wished. We just think it is neat that this antique can have a “green” energy saving adaptation too.

Overall Light Measurements:

Height: 37”

Spread: 12”

Naturally, we can add chain if you wish a longer drop for a nominal fee.

Comes wired with mogul socket for large incandescent or 40 watt induction bulbs, yielding the light equivalent of 264 watts.