Art Deco Chicago Double Close Ceiling Light

ART DECO-Modernism


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Country of origin
United States

The best term to describe this series is simply: “Screaming Deco“, since that really is what every nuance and every square inch of design says. Covered completely with deco design and pictured with one of the most deco designed shades made in America, we just have to say…“Screaming!!”. These fixtures are all substantial with a great dark/light pewter contrast. This part number is for a double close ceiling light with porcelain socket. Fixture easily accepts two 100 watt bulbs, or purchase our optional LED Art Deco looking bulb 60-WW-E26, each using only 7 watts and putting out about 75 watts of incandescent equivalent light. Makes running the light all night long, perhaps as a nite lite, very economical indeed and cool to the shades as well. Pictured with both a frosted 0319G shade and an amber 0319AMG shade. Just could not resist taking a picture without the shade since the metal itself is just so nice indeed. Measurements: Height: a mere 8 1/4", with the pictured shades. Long Width: 15 1/2" Short Width: 8 1/4" Fitter Size: 2 1/4"