American Art Deco Style Large Wall Sconce



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Country of origin
United States

A larger than normal two panel wall sconce. The sconce has a little age to it, ...say 30 or so years old. The detail of the castings are precison because they are made with a very large die cast machine. Being manufacturers ourselves, we recognize the method. The brass plating is nicely aged for that look. We bought the contents of a theatre from a demo contractor and ended up with 20 of these beauties. Here are the first two.

The cut glass panels are simply amazing. Yes, cut glass...not pressed. You change the light bulbs by sliding one glass panel up to reveal the socket. The top and bottom are open for heat dissipation to protect the glass. You cannot see these openings since the top and bottom decor go way past them.

Electrical: The fixture has been totally re-wired in our UL shop. Inside the case, there is a double socket that takes two normal everyday medium base bulbs. We recommend tubular desk lamp bulbs called T10’s and we will supply these for each sconce purchased. The sconce mounts with one normal sconce mounting all thread to a normal electrical box from within the case. All mounting hardware will be supplied.

All in all, a very unusual and nice American made sconce. Meas: 21 3/4” tall by 8 3/8” wide. Projects into a room from the wall a mere 5”