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Matthew Andrews , Fine Artist,  is a contemporary artist working with the mediums of Lenticular imaging, Holography, Digital Print, Installation and Photography.
Matthew has worked for over 35 years producing fine art for private commission and galleries world wide. He has exhibited in the prestigious Royal Academy in London amongst many other respected galleries and his art works are collected by an influential group of royal families and high achievers from many countries. (Client list on request).
Artsit statement:
Like an adventurer I delve into stories and subjects that we all think we know about, find the truth, distill it and create pictures racked with symbolism, full of colour, humour and meaning that expand on our understanding.
I work across multiple media, primarily with lenticular imaging, digital print, holography, installation and photography. My artworks are for sale from a selection of galleries and designers, here on the Modernism site or directly from me

I have also invented and make on commission Storyportraits using photographs from your family archives. See for more info or contact me

Who we are:

I started aged 11 with my own darkroom and a box Brownie. I forgot to roll on the first 3 pictures so was surprised when I printed a 3 way melange as my first photograph. I loved it then and still have it now. I quickly learnt that you could see whatever beauty you want in anything. It freed me to look at everything in a different way and to be confident about my choices and I have been experimenting with the creation of images ever since.
I taught myself how to make Holograms in the 1980's (followed by a masters at the RCA) and then Lenticulars in the 1990's and of course I have learnt all about print and digital technologies having used them for 35 years. I have been able to use all these mediums and others with satisfaction for over 30 years to tell stories, raise questions and to stir the mud of ideas into beautiful art works.

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