Cowboys plate 2 Country Western Real Cowboys



Designer VerificationSigned
Country of origin
United Kingdom
Material and techniquesGiclee prints on hand made paper
New, Giclee print on hand made paper
Measures (Inches)
- Height: 20 - Width: 20
Shipping and handling
all shipping packaging and taxes are extra to price

This piece is part of several prints that make up the new series Cowboys and Indians. Using (mostly) original photos of actual people from the era between 1860-1890'ish.
This series of prints are a visual documentary not only of portraiture at that time, which was hugly popular and very accomplished, but also the vast differences between each "Cowboy" and each "Indian". Moments in time that were a long way apart,  brought together to make a collage of atmosphere and time.
Cowboys plate 2 is the 3rd  in this new series. Cowboys 1 and Indians 1+2 are also available on this site.

Although these are presented as giclee paper prints, Cowboys 1 and Indians 1 (and Cowboys 2 and Indians 2) are also an 32 inch sq back lit animated lenticular image which is available on request. As a lenticular these plates then animate, they change from cowboy to indian and one is drawn to read more into the expressions of each individual and find new meanings created by the melange of two pictures. Each person will nterpret the meanings in a different way.