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Viale Campania, 51 - 20133 Milano MI

Tel +39 0270125737  Fax +39 0270001258

P.I. 07394560960  

SPAZIO 900, a point of reference for lovers of modern and vintage italian and international design from 50's to 80's. SPAZIO 900, in Milan-Italy is an important and prestigeous store for people who like to search, collect or are just curious about the unforgettable items from 50's and on.
In Milan there are 2 addresses that you can't forget:
Spazio 900, in Corso Garibaldi 42, a Gallery that excites your curiousity with the objects that bring you back to the past.
Where the space is really organized and everything is clear in completly opposition with the crazy disorder of Spazio 900 in Viale Campania 51, where the space is infinity as much as full of objects.
You can find vintage used furniture as well as unsold samples from design and furniture shops.  They all have in common the characteristic that they are exceptional pieces by famous designers,

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