Elegant 1930s Art Deco Fourway Black Onyx Cocktail Center

ART DECO-Modernism


Designer VerificationNone
Country of origin
United Kingdom
Material and techniquesBlack onyx stain, Quartersawn Birdseye Maple, polished brass, glass, mirror
Excellent, refinished to mirror like high polish
Measures (Inches)
- Height: 43 1/4 - Width: 51 - Depth: 18 3/4
Shipping and handling
Worldwide shipping can be arranged upon request

This style bar is called "Fourway" because of its very unique bar service mechanism and how it operates.
When the bar service door is lowered (first action) it causes the interior bar service to move forward and outward (second action), at the same time the two upper bar service side doors flip outward (third action) and the original lamp automatically illuminates (fourth action). This cabinet is absolutely stunning refinished by the artisans of Deco-Dence into our trademark deep mirror-like luxe Italian polyester Black Onyx high gloss. The bar service area is lined in a beautiful blonde Sycamore that is a striking complement and contrast to the deep black exterior ... refinished into the same luxe mirror-like high gloss.
The two lower storage compartments, behind the left and right doors, are ideal to hold your favorite liquors and libations in one with barware storage in the other. There are three drawers down the middle bottom for storage of bar paraphernalia and accoutrement. The top drawer is divided into sections and is felt lined. The two lower side storage compartments have been upgraded with plate glass mirror and plate glass shelves with remote controlled LED lighting. 
This piece has been carefully hand stripped and refinished to an exceptional mirror-like high gloss using Deco-Dence's trademark Italian polyester finish that is totally water and alcohol impervious and extremely resilient to bumps, bruises and scratches. 
Our Italian finish is world-class ... found on the interiors of private jets, yachts, and motorcoaches and on only the highest end pieces by luxury cabinet makers such as Dakota Jackson and Brueton.  With just a little TLC your Deco-Dence piece will look absolutely fabulous for decades and decades to come ... providing on ROI unmatched by any Gallery!

Note: this particular cabinet just sold, however we have received into our inventory another fourway of this same design... it can be transformed into this same exact luxe high-gloss black onyx look by our artisans. Please inquire.