Chairside mobile cocktail cabinet, reverse painted mirrors

ART DECO-Modernism


Designer VerificationNone
Country of origin
United Kingdom
Material and techniquesBookmatched Burl Walnut, reverse painted mirrors and doors, casters
Excellent, refinished to mirror like high polish
Measures (Inches)
- Height: 34 - Length: 24 3/4 - Depth: 12
Shipping and handling
Worldwide shipping can be arranged upon request

1930's chairside mobile cocktail cabinet with reverse painted mirrors. Made of beautiful bookmatched medium Burl Walnut wood with two very light Walnut decorative "bands" seen running the length at the very top of the cabinet. The interior is beautiful Walnut as well.
The finish is as smooth as silk, very three-dimensional in its depth, and mirror-like. Both the exterior and Interior spaces are refinished into this luxury level of exceptional finish work. All metal components were removed and hand polished before reinstallation. Cabinet is setting next to a French Art Deco club chair that provides an idea of how it could be positioned chair side for convenient bar service .... of course it could just as easily function anywhere else as well. For its more diminutive dimensions this cabinet can actually provide a very nice level of bar service.
The liquor storage compartment below can hold numerous liquor bottles and other service items such as ice bucket, etc. The height of the lower storage section, at about 19 1/2" tall, allows for taller and larger liquor bottles to fit with ease, even very tall "luxury" liquor bottles can stand in the space with no problem. There are two sliding glass doors on either side of the liquor storage compartment .... allowing ease of access. Both sets of doors feature their original reverse painted stenciled patterns, in very good original condition, that add a nice and distinctive decorative design element to the cabinet.
The top bar service compartment features its six original bakelite martini picks for those special martinis! The two drop down bar service doors, that provide space for mixing your drinks, feature their original reverse painted "tuxedo" mirrors with polished chrome decorative fasteners. The tuxedo mirrors are in good to very good original condition, exhibiting some wear consistent with age. Ball snaps hold the two drop down doors in place when closed. The middle section of the top bar service area is clear mirror.
This piece has been carefully hand stripped and refinished to an exceptional mirror-like high gloss using Deco-Dence's trademark Italian polyester finish that is totally water and alcohol impervious and extremely resilient to bumps, bruises and scratches. 
Our Italian finish is world-class ... found on the interiors of private jets, yachts, and motorcoaches and on only the highest end pieces by luxury cabinet makers such as Dakota Jackson and Brueton.  With just a little TLC your Deco-Dence piece will look absolutely fabulous for decades and decades to come ... providing on ROI unmatched by any Gallery!
The cabinet is on casters so you can easily move it to wherever in your home or office you may need bar service! Dimensions are 24 3/4" long x 34" tall x 12" deep. Both sides of the cabinet feature a drop down bar service door; when lowered they extend 9 5/8" each.