Bookmatched Burl Elm Cocktail Cabinet or Bar Sycamore Inside

ART DECO-Modernism


Designer VerificationNone
Country of origin
United Kingdom
Material and techniquesBookmatched Burl Elm, Sycamore, glass and mirror, original bar service pieces
Excellent, hand stripped and refinished to high polish
Measures (Inches)
- Height: 47 - Width: 41 - Depth: 16 1/4
Shipping and handling
Worldwide shipping can be arranged upon request

This 1930's cocktail cabinet is made of absolutely gorgeous bookmatched Burl Elm in beautiful and engaging patterns on the front of the cabinet with bookmatched crown cut veneers on the top and sides.
The cabinet has been hand stripped and has undergone a complete expert hand refinishing inside and out. The exterior has our luxury hand rubbed high gloss finish that is smooth as silk and just as reflective as glass with a beautiful semi-gloss finish on the interior woods using our imported Italian polyester product. The two lower doors are framed in a contrasting inlay trim of burlwood with a straight grain contrast found on the next rounded "step" up to the main cocktail section. The top of the cabinet has a large sweeping crown cut of veneer that is very lovely. The interior of the cabinet is lined in a beautiful and complementary blonde Sycamore. The original matching handles to the drop down bar service door are installed on the top section and the original lock and key is found on the lower right hand door.
The upper bar service area has its original lamp that automatically illuminates on and off when the bar service door is lowered and closed. The cabinet includes its original chromium juicer and six original multi-colored bakelite martini picks. There are two shelves on the left and right hand sides to the flip top that feature polished chromium clips to hold cordial glasses or cups in place. The upper bar service area features its original mirrors in very good to excellent condition. All hardware on the cabinet has been removed and hand polished to a gleaming result prior to being re-installed.
The bottom storage compartment is organized into one large and expansive storage section. The back features original large and sweeping crown cut Sycamore panels and the insides of the two doors are straight grain Sycamore. The bottom storage Sycamore has now come alive and glows after it's refinishing. In the bottom storage area we've installed plate glass mirrors on the left and right hand sides and on the bottom and a thick plate glass shelf for barware storage. New state-of-the-art infinitely variable remote controlled LED lighting has been installed in the bottom storage area to illuminate the storage area beautifully, and to enhance display characteristics. The bottom lighting is controlled separately from the automatic light on the top by a small remote.