Art Deco Streamline Single Light Pendent

ART DECO-Modernism


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Art Deco Streamline Single Pendant Ceiling Light

Grey pewter finished single light pendant with amber inserted glass window.

Pewter finish, this fixture is perfect for a smaller room.

Measures a mere 10” in overall height while it has a diameter of 11 1/2” which is the metal shade’s diameter.

It is lit by a single standard socket within that will accept a 100 watt light bulb. We did not power it up for pictures as too strong of bulb blows out the focus of our camera lens. We always use small 25 watt or lower bulbs in our pictures so the detail of the light fixture itself is revealed.

The amber glass window is simply so iconic with it’s circular ring motif.

Very nicely done as the pictures will show.

We completely re-wired this wonderful light to UL standards. We will include a bulb

extender, as shown, but you could also shorten the light a little by shortening the chains that suspend the bowl. Might wish to do that to reduce visibility of the center a mite although for age and favor it is often deemed favorable to see that.

$ 295.00 ... plus careful packing and shipping