Antique Embossed Shade Ceiling Light Bowl Fixture



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Nice embossed shade ceiling light with two sockets for a nice smaller room.

Antiqued Brass finish, this fixture is perfect for a smaller room or dining room over a table.
Measures a mere 11” in overall height while it has a diameter of 12” which is the shade’s diameter.

It is lit by two standard sockets within that each will accepte a 100 watt light bulb giving a
nice 200 watts of total light. We did not power it up for pictures as too strong of bulb blows out the focus of our camera lens. We always use small 25 watt or lower bulbs in our pictures so the detail of
the light fixture itself is revealed.

The opal glass shade is simply gorgeous with embossed floral decor. Very nicely done as the pictures will show. Probably a product of Consolidated glass or other up-scale US manufacturers.

We completely re-wired this wonderful light completing the UL standards

$ 475.00 ... plus careful packing and shipping