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What a fun time we had in St.

15 September 2014 - 15 September 2015
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American Art Deco Furniture by Ric Emmett


04 December 2014 - 31 December 2015
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22 - 23 November 2014
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To get all the information you can click on the above link!
The Houston Antiques + Art + Design Show will feature125 premier exhibitors from across the U.S., Canada andEurope in beautiful room-settings offering fine antique furniture, decorative and fine arts representing all design movements from ancient to 20th-century modern.

19 - 21 September 2014
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Sunday, August 24 - 3:30 PM 

Expressionism: From Thousands of Years of Figuration to Subjective Art in 

Two Decades

Bill Robinson

20th Century Collection 

BOOTH # 2219

Art was altered in a profound way with the advent of World War I--figuration was no longer 

sufficient to express the horrors of war on a pan European scale. Artists on both sides of the 

05 - 31 August 2014
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A lot of artwork has been generated in attempting to capture who Marilyn Monroe was!  My personal favorite is the entire series created by Andy Warhol.  A few years ago I could still think of purchasing them but not any more!  This 1967 print sold at auction in April for almost $ 140,000 including buyers' premium!   You can still find a "deal" or two but they are few and far between.   On the other hand, Milton Greene photographed Marilyn quite a lot!

05 June 2014
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05 June 2014
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For details see:

22 May - 03 July 2014
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Jessica Rock is the daughter of a great friend and fellow MODERNISM.COM dealer.....

17 May 2014
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Little did I know, back in the days when we set up for the Modernism Shows at the 69th Regiment Armory on Lexington and 25th Streets that I was standing on hallowed ground!!!   The first International Exhibition of Modern Art in New York hapenned here in 1913.  It was organized by the Association of American Painters and Sculptors.   It took place between February 15 and March 17, 1913 and it was the first large exhibition of Modern Art in America.

08 May 2014
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