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We specialize in art, furniture and decorative arts of the 20th Century. At the very end of the 19th century a new force changed the course of art in a dramatic way. Representational art evolved first into impressionism and subsequently into expressionism, avant-garde, futurist, abstract, surrealism and many more "isms". These new 20th century art forms brought a new vibrancy and power to art and it is this vibrancy in art, furniture and decorative arts that you’ll find on the pages of the 20th Century Collection web site.

Our furniture and decorative art are primarily from the 1930's through the 1960's but you will find earlier and later eras represented as well, primarily Art Deco and works from the 1970's and 1980’s works by master craftsmen. You may even find an occasional exceptional piece from an earlier century. Excellence in design is the principal criteria for selection. 

We welcome inquiries from interior designers and individuals who may be looking to furnish an entire home from our range of 20th century original furniture, lighting, art, sculpture, ceramics and glass or just find that signature piece to finish off a room to perfection. We are also happy to rent our vintage and contemporary furniture and art for film projects or photographic shoots.

You’ll always find a price and description on every item we have for sale. We don’t believe in keeping a secret price list. Every item in our collection was collected personally by owner, William Robinson. We work with a stable of some of the finest dealers, auction houses and markets to find items of excellent design and in quality condition. 

Who we are:

Brief Bio of William Robinson

Although my father and my brother were artists, I missed out on that particular set of genes so I had to settle for an appreciation of art and a lifelong addiction of museums.  I purchased my first piece of art in my early twenties and have been collecting art ever since.  As I got older, I sought to enhance the quality of my collecting by reading and befriending gallery owners and dealers.  Now that I have “retired” from the regular work-a-day-world, I have the time pursue the world of 20th century art, furniture and design in a way I never had been able to do before.

Of particular joy is to find amazing but lesser known artists and help shine light on their achievements. An example of this is the art of Hungarian Expressionists.  As German Expressionist’s become less and less available and more and more expensive, I’ve found a whole new world of artists well worth collecting among Hungarian artists of the same period.  That they are affordable means people of moderate means can have them hanging on their walls and enjoy them knowing they have an asset to trade, sell or pass on to their children.   The same goes for American Social Realists from the 30’s and 40’s.  During the Great Depression the federal government Works Progress Administration (WPA) saved America from what would have been two decades of an absence of art and a chronology of life during this devastating economic era.   


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