1930s Pale Amber Art Deco 36 Inch Diameter Beveled Mirror

ART DECO-Modernism


Designer VerificationNone
Country of origin
United States
Material and techniquesAmber mirror, beveling
Good original; to be resilvered to pristine condition
Measures (Inches)
- Diameter: 36
Shipping and handling
Worldwide shipping can be arranged upon request

This vintage 1930's Art Deco mirror is unusual and actually quite rare with its pale amber color and large size 36" diameter.

We know of no other like it anywhere else and have had this in our collection for around 20 years.  The bevel is 1/2".

It exhibits a beautiful and subtle amber tone ... there are clear mirrors to the right of it in one of the images that shows the difference visually.

The mirror is $3995 which includes a professional re-silvering to restore it to pristine condition as there is some silvering loss in the bevel around the lower portion of the mirror.