Art Deco Modernist Wall Sconces Lights Lighting

ART DECO-Modernism


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Hard to find Art Deco LARGER-than-normal sconce.  We have seen similar ones used in home theaters to a great affect.
Cast from white metal, as the original Art Deco sconces were, the interior contains an inserted metal box to receive the wiring.  The top and bottom rims have the slots for the glass.
It is important to correctly mount this sconce, as the glass panels slide into the fixture from the top and stop in the bottom tier after protruding a fixed distance.  Easy to change bulbs by removing the front panels.  All told...there are five glass panels, with the side panels being double sized.
One picture does show two front panels, and one side panel, removed to expose the double standard socket within.  Note in this picture that the top glass holder does have stylized heat relief vents in the form of lightning bolts.  Both the top and bottom glass holding frames have these stylized heat relief vents.
The entire case is one mass of Deco designs, i.e. staggers and points and saw-tooth elements, as well as background stippling.  Together, it has a strong decorative statement to make.
Sconce Measurements:  The overall height of this great sconce with the chain long is 17 3/4”, while it’s width is 7”.  It projects outwards a tidy 4 3/4“.