Lovely pair of 1920-30 Art Deco Arts & Crafts Wall Sconces

ART DECO-Modernism


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United States
Art Deco - Lovely pair of 1920-30 Art Deco Wall Sconces
Original antique sconces with an original antique brass finish.
The metal framed crackle amber shades are really quite lovely.  
With a strong bulb,  they give an ambiance that is quite lovely.  Not easy to find quality like this.
The contrast between the pewter body and the matt brass elements is quite striking.  These sconces have a rich formality and yet just have so much nice detail.  So unusual and so striking.
We took our picture with a mere 15 watt bulb so the camera lens would focus on the entire sconce and shade detail... not get blown out by too strong of+ bulb.
These sconces have been completely re-wired in our UL shop with new sockets and all new wire.  
Measurements:  The Overall sconce height is 11”.  The maximum width (shade) is  5 1/2”.  It will project into the room, from the wall  9 1/2”.  Backplate measures:  10 1/2” tall by 5 1/2”.
Price for the pair:  $750.00 plus careful packing and shipping