Pair of Art Deco Wall Sconces c1930

ART DECO-Modernism


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Pair of Art Deco Wall Sconces c1930

Lovely pair of Circa 1930 wall sconces. Original antique backplates and original antique custard glass shades.

Old gold painted cases with touches of old nickel elaborations at the bottom.

The metal of the backplates is cast metal and then finished with old gold. The installed panel is so unusual and while we have one of these in the museum, attribution has escaped us. Best guess has been the famous art deco manufacturer Moe Bridges. Very neat for originality.

These sconces have been completely rewired with true bakelite sockets and all new wire. We have also replaced the switches, made by Leviton in the 20‘s...and still made up to two years ago. So these switches, by Leviton are becoming even more antique as we note this.

We suggest using our neat little LED-bulb 45G-E26 (pictured below) if these sconces are for ambiance and less than full room light. This little 2 watt bulb produces almost as much light as a 25 watt incandescent bulb but only nibbles at the electricity. lasts 30,000 hours.

Measurements: The Overall sconce height is 8". The maximum width is 7 1/2". It will project into the room, from the wall, a mere 3 ".