Williamson Slip Shade Art Deco Five Slip Shade Chandelier

ART DECO-Modernism


Designer VerificationNone
Country of origin
United States
Material and techniquescast iron and glass
Measures (Inches)
- Height: 28 - Diameter: 17 1/2

This fantastic chandelier cost a whopping Forty Dollars in the 1930s when the depression was in full swing. This fact comes from the Williamson catalog, that we have, which also tells us that this chandelier was part of an exclusive line designed by Williamson that they dubbed ....The Series Thirty Line. This 5 light model was THE top of the line exclusive model in that line. There was no 6 light model made. Other lights in this same line, cost as much as 2/3rds less. Interesting. Okay...that is some history...now about this light itself. This light was painstakingly re-wired in the exact same manner as Williamson created it, and hence, It is really a fine job. It is now current UL standard and ready to install. This fine light has the original cast-in Williamson signature behind each shade. Williamson was later bought out by Beardslee who changed this signature even in the 1930s to their own name, so, this is one of the earlier ones. While the body is cast iron, it is painted so nicely with contrasting Art Deco poly-chrome colors that gives the impression that this light simply does crown a room for atmosphere and style. Naturally, after 80 odd years, the finish is not new and does show it’s age here and there....but....the colors are in outstanding in condition after all this time. Measurements: The light measures 28 inches in height while having a diameter of 17 1/2. The shades are in great condition. They are substantial shades with some thicknesses approaching 1/4” thick. The pictures speak well of the light and if you have been looking for a very special light, this might just be it.