Original Lincoln Fleurette Slip Shade Chandelier

ART DECO-Modernism


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As the curators of the ONLY American Art Deco Lighting Museum, We have been fortunate to receive a donation of an office building full of art deco lights for our museum funding.Please see our web site for the museum at www.thedecomuseum.com.While Vintage Hardware & Lighting does make the reproduction of this light in brass, these are the ORIGINALS cast with zinc and aluminum frames Circa1930s.Some restoration and re-wiring has been done to bring them all up to UL standards.All are supplied with either old or new mounting supplies.Shades are replacements.

This series was named:Fleurette, made by Lincoln Mnfg, of Detroit, Mich.about 1935.In the series, there were four light types.They were: a five light chandelier (like thi sone); a six light chandelier with a glass bottom; a two light hall fixture and sconces.We were lucky to get 3 out of the four types and are offering them until they are sold out.All proceeds will go to museum expansion and maintenance.

ANT-72 is a restored aluminum 5 light antique chandelier by Lincoln. Aluminum and zinc were metals of choice for Lincoln all of their Art Deco lights of the period.Lovely embossed white frosted or amber shades lift out of this fixture with ease.

If you have need for a special color shade, check with us.We do have access to a crafts person who undertakes a few special colors.We start with the frosted shade and complete a 2nd process thereon.Our best results thus far, has been Cranberry which is simply beautiful.