20th Century


Edward Wormley (1907-1995) is best known for his association with the Dunbar Furniture Co. of Berne Indiana. Hired by Dunbar in 1931 to improve its' inexpensive tradional lines, Wormley's simple outlines and quality surfaces and finishes propelled Dunbar's modern lines to the top of the American market within 5 years. Never leading edge or overly adventurous, influenced and inspired by both classicism and modernism, Wormley's furniture presented traditional motifs in modern forms using the finest materials and highest production standards.

Kaare Klint

Trained as a painter and architect, Klint is considered the father of the Danish Modern design movement. He was a faculty member at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, where he founded the Furniture Department and influenced students such as Ole Wanscher and Borge Mogensen who went on to become successful designers. In his own work, Klint combined 18th-century forms with the spare lines and rationalism of the modern era. Some his best known works include the Faaborg chair (1914, co-designer C. Peteresen), the Barcelona or Red chair (1927), and the Propellor stool (1927).  

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