Modernism Brochure

The 20th Century witnessed an explosion within art and culture which embraced fresh viewpoints.  The 21st century brought us easy to use technology. has bridged the gap between the two. has brought the best dealers together to capture glimpses of this movement to preserve 20th century design and spread it around the world with 21st century technologies.™ has been online since 1995 and was named Forbes’ Best of the Web in 2000. Our new mission is to provide an exclusive Internet marketplace for the world’s best dealers in 20th Century art and design.
The dealers on our website are professionals, invited to join based on the excellence of their inventory and their general product knowledge.
We are proud to host the best in their field! Each item that is offered for sale is carefully vetted by the™ team, bringing over 30 years’ experience to make sure customers are treated in a fair and honest manner.
Not all websites are created equal
A branded site with targeted traffic
Our subscribers and site visitors are looking only for 20th century design pieces.
70% of hits on the site come from GENERIC SEARCHES on Google.
Active visited in over 36 countries.
A site with History found its way online in 1995, making us the first gallery online.  That makes three full years older than google! flourished as a gallery and was named Forbes’ best of the web in 2000.
In your Inbox has weekly email newsletters to more than 15,000 subscribers.  Subscribers are actively engaging interior designers, dealers, collectors, and enthusiasts that have bought items and continue to do so regularly.
MODERNISM EDITORIAL COVERAGE’s news feed is one of the most largely followed internet resources for dealers and collectors. dealers have the ability to submit articles for publishing on the blog publication.  This can be more than helpful when trying to create a good reputation for yourself and your gallery.