Horacio Kleinman Bronze Sculpture



Designer VerificationNone
Measures (Inches)
- Height: 30 - Width: 14 - Depth: 12

In Horacio Kleinman's sculpture, the perpetual motion leads to a concentration in itself, shuts down visuality to external references and eliminates, in several ways, the idea of dimension. What is the real size of these sculptures? Evidently, their size is defined by their material bulk. This is the primary rule of the earthen world of tridimensional forms. In the case of art, however, we are dealing with the projection and materialization of fantasy and desire - in which case we could project Kleinman's sculpture onto any dimension we may find suitable. This is partly due to the proportions of his sculpture that suggest, bring about and invite monumentality. Actually, it is due to its psychological capacity to presents us with a self-contained universe. This universe, which is self sufficient in terms of visuality, is complete and generates a narrative rendered in the dialogue between observer and artwork. less