Thomas J Strickland - Sitting Nude Woman - Oil On Canvas



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Thomas J. Strickland Impressionist Painting - Sitting Nude

Impressionist painting of a sitting nude by Thomas J. Strickland (1932-1999). This piece is part of a collection of works from his estate. A lovely painting. The dimensions are 24" Height and 20" Width.

Thomas J Strickland, born in Keyport, New Jersey, studied at the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts, the American Art School and the National Academy of Fine Arts in New York. He moved to Miami in 1971 and continued his passion for painting and also spent time as a teacher, sharing his knowledge and skills with many devoted students. He also wrote several articles describing his techniques for painting ballet dancers and self-portraits. His works were exhibited in several Museums and Galleries across South Florida, and in 1997, won the Hahnemuhle Pastel Self Portrait Contest.

Strickland was known for the vibrancy and freshness of his brush strokes and the strength of his paintings. A dynamic painter, he was accomplished in both oils and pastels and often painted portraits, still life, and figures.