Rockwell Kent Bacchus Cigarette Box for Chase Chrome & Brass

ART DECO-Modernism


Designer VerificationSigned
Country of origin
United States
Material and techniquesCopper, wood
Good to very good overall condition, surface wear in places
Measures (Inches)
- Height: 1 5/8 - Width: 5 1/4 - Length: 6 3/8
Shipping and handling
Worldwide shipping can be arranged upon request

Very rare "Bacchus" cigarette box designed by Rockwell Kent (American, 1882-1971) for Chase Chrome & Brass.  Only offered in 1935 and 1936. 
Rockwell Kent designed only three items for Chase, all with the same young Bacchus motiff, and all are considered rare today.  The other two were a "Wine Cooler" and "Wine Bottle Stand".
This item is a cigarette box in copper, a hinged rectangular box with wood interior, decorated with a young Bacchus striding nude figure carrying two large bunches of grapes, with two leaping goats in the background and mountains in the distance.  Incised "R.K." 
Touted by Chase as "Mr. Kent's first design in metal," and originally selling for $7.50, a lot of money when other cigarette boxes from Chase were selling for $1 to $3.
In good to very good overall condition with surface wear in places ... all-in-all still an incredibly rare piece of American Art Deco history.