Palatial Italian Art Deco Armoire by Giovanni Guerrini, 1925

ART DECO-Modernism


Designer VerificationBy and Documented
Country of origin
Material and techniquesBurl Walnut, Mirror, Statues, Tortoise Shell, Shagreen, Bakelite, Solid Brass
Very good original condition
Measures (Inches)
- Height: 83 1/2 - Width: 82 - Depth: 26
Shipping and handling
Worldwide shipping can be arranged upon request

One of the most palatial Art Deco armoires in the entire world!  Simply unbelievable in design and detail. 
One-of-a-kind piece that was a part of a matching seven piece bedroom suite that Deco-Dence Gallery had acquired.  The other six pieces Deco-Dence Gallery sold to and are owned and installed in the master bedroom suite of Hollywood actress, Broadway performer and television star Whoopi Goldberg ... this is your chance to literally own a piece of Hollywood glitterati of your own by acquiring the matching armoire to Whoopi's suite! 
The armoire (and the entire suite) evokes the glamour years of Hollywood during the 1930's Golden Era!  The scale, woods, design, exotic accent materials, the incredible quality ... all proclaim the finest of the finest went into the creation of this magnificent piece of history.
Designed by renowned Italian Futurist period architect and designer Giovanni Guerrini, 1925.  His work was featured at the Monza Biennial of Decorative Arts in 1925.
Guerrini is one of the most collectible of the Italian Art Deco designers of the era with Guerrini pieces routinely commanding significant sums for individual pieces as at the time they were very limited in their production and today are limited in their availability.  (Examples are $24,000 for a small console table, $28,000 for a sideboard to $35,000 for a medium size dining table (all at Colletti Gallery in Chicago : ).
Exquisite materials characteristic of the finest designer suites of the period adorn this magnificent creation. Shagreen handles, tortoise shell backplates to all keyholes, large bakelite handles with solid brass, extreme quality of construction that is reminiscent of the finest residential construction ... all authenticate the standing of this suite in it's genre.

Spectacular hand carved statues are resplendent in their respective displays.  A single male figure (Zeus, Ceasar, ???) along with his queen hold reign from the left and right doors of this regal and opulent armoire. (Additional hand-carved female statues representing various disciplines of the arts and sciences were found in pairs on all remaining pieces to the suite now in Whoopi's home).

The incredible Burl Walnut gracing the exterior of the armoire is a work of art unto itself. Gently scalloped burl sunrays burst upward from the top of each statue as eye-catching focal points to the armoire doors. The original large bevelled mirror on the center door features multi-curves and a scale that would be extremely expensive to replace today. 
Such magnificence could only be created in a bygone era when quality of design, exquisite materials and uncompromising workmanship were the hallmarks of the time. 
Truly ultra rare and one-of-a-kind ...