Chest Of Drawers By Otto Schulz (1920-1930)

ART DECO-Modernism



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Designer VerificationBy and Documented
Country of origin
Material and techniquesMasur Birch
Excellent state of conservation. No scratches or marks.
Measures (Inches)
- Height: 47 - Depth: 18 1/4

Chest of Drawers by Otto Schulz (1920-1930). Made of Masur Birch, a highly figurative hard wood with ebonized design elements. (34 3/4in W x 18 1/4in D x 47in H) Perfect condition, no chips, scratches or marks. This is one of the most beautifully proportioned pieces of furniture I have ever seen. This chest of drawers was designed by Otto Schulz (1882-1970) and sold in his shop BOET (THE Nest), Gothenburg's most prestigious interior design shop. The architect Otto Schulz was born and educated in Germany. He moved to Gothenburg in 1907 where he designed cafes, shop interious and did many interiors for cruise ships built in Gothenburg. In 1920 he opened his shop BOET on the most prestigious street, Avenyen, in Gothenburg. Schulz wrote several books, held lectures and in 1928 he started his own design magazine, also called BOET, which was published monthly until 1938. The book SVENSKA MOBLER 1890-1990 (Swedish Furniture 1890-1990) describes him as an avant-garde furniture designer who created some of the finest furniture in this period. In 1940 he opened his own design school.