Canadian Bill Lishman is best known for his role in Operation Migration, which continues his successful efforts to re-shape avian migration patterns across North American. Lishman earned the nickname "Father Goose" by developing the means to encourage large flocks of birds to settle in new nesting areas by leading them in flight using an ultra-light aircraft. His unusual methods have had great success over 3 decades, and were the Subject of the 1996 film FLY AWAY HOME. He is also a noted artist and sculptor, and designed the geodesic-style buried home where he lives near Toronto. His great contribution as a furniture designer is the 1976 Lishman Rocker, an apparent homage to the sinuos lines of the Nouveau-influenced bentwood rocker by Thonet. Lishman's 4-pc, flat-pack rocking chair is executed in chromed steel pipe bent to form, joined by only 2 bolts, and utilizing a cast-aluminum seat and back that are modeled on a common tractor seat. The design is at once traditional and totally modern, even futurist, as well as easy, safe, and fun to use. Although produced in a modest edition of approx. 400, the form is familiar to most Canadians, and is invariably included in surveys of Canadian design in the 20th century. 

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