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Paul Follot,  was a French designer of luxury furniture and decorative art objects before World War I (1914–18). He was one of the leaders of the Art Deco movement, and had huge influence in France and elsewhere. After the war he became head of the Pomone decorative art workshop of Le Bon Marché department store, making affordable but still elegant and high-quality work.


Paul Follot was born in 1877 in Paris.His father was the wallpaper manufacturer Félix Follot, of the Societé Charles Follot. Paul Follot trained as a sculptor.He became a student of Eugène Grasset. Between 1901 and 1903 he made Art Nouveau silver objects, textiles, bronzes and jewelry for Julius Meier-Graefe's Paris showroom La Maison Moderne. Maurice Dufrêne also worked for Meier-Graefe, and strongly influenced Follot. In 1903 Follot was a founding member of L'Art dans Tout (Art in Everything), a group of artists who strongly promoted French artisan work in the face of industrial products, particularly from Germany.


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17 July 1877 – 1941

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