Joseph Wilfrid Daleus

Joseph Wilfrid Daleus
Joseph Wilfrid Daleus : Haitina artist Born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, on November 20, 1949, he started painting at the age of ten. A self-taught artist, Daleus, as everyone calls him, has no formal training in art. Often you will hear him say how God blessed him. Indeed, even in the most difficult moments of his life this feeling transpires and his paintings always unveil certain optimism. He can never predict what his next painting will be.
His inspiration usually comes from his dreams. No matter the source of his inspiration, Daleus will exquisitely put in on canvas. He creates a fusion of native , primitive, impressionism, surrealism, abstract, realism and classic. In 1988 Daleus was given the honor of restoring the old paintings of the master of the presigious school of Naives, Philome Obin.
His paintings have hung in many places such as the Topen Musem in Amsterdam, The Brooklyn Museum in New York, The College St. Pierre, the Mupana Museum in Port-Au-Prence, the Cornell Museum in Delray Beach, Florida. He has exhibited in France, Germany, Spain, The Ivory Coast, Venezuela, Canada, The Ivory Coast, The Dominican Republic, The Bahamas

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