Itzhak Sankowsky

Itzhak Sankowsky on modernism

Itzhak Sankowsky was born in 1908 in Romania.
He lived and was active in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Sankowsky studied at the University of Florence, Italy; Academy of Fine Arts, Florence, Italy; University of Pennsylvania; and with Arthur B. Carles.
He had many one-man shows in Philadelphia including 4 at the Philadelphia Art Alliance. ?
He is remembered primarily for the years he taught at the Philadelphia Museum of Art,Gratz College, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Har Zion Temple, and the Main Line Art Center, Philadelphia.
He belonged to the Philadelphia Art Alliance, Philadelphia Print Club, and the Artists Equity Association.
Throughout his long, productive career Sankowsky experimented with every imaginable medium from traditional oil painting to light-box sculptures to prints produced from images engraved on plastic plates.
His style kept pace with the progressive art of his times, yet always showed evidence of his distinctive, almost naive enthusiasm.

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