Henry Faulkner

Henry Lawrence Faulkner: artist, poet, rebel, bohemian.
Faulkner’s life story begins in 1924 Appalachia—he claimed to be born in Egypt, Kentucky, although records place his birth several counties away—where he was orphaned along with ten brothers and sisters upon his mother’s death in 1926—his declaration as a poor cousin to the famous Faulkner of Mississippi has always gone unsubstantiated. His early childhood was spent in a Louisville, Kentucky children’s home and a series of foster homes.
 Faulkner is best known for his wildly colorful oil paintings and eccentric acts, including his bringing a bourbon-drinking goat to parties and art shows. He was a close friend, and possible lover, of Tennessee Williams who called him, "a creative poet and artist".

Country of origin: 

United States

Life Span: 

January 9, 1924 – December 3, 1981

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