Harold M Schwartz

In the Pittsburgh Gazette on January 11, 1952 there was an article under “News from Chicago” titled “Local Boy” Designs Furniture Using a Variety of Skills.  Harold M. Schwartz was born in Ambridge and moved to Pittsburgh.  He went to Schenley High School and to the New York School of the Applied Fine Arts where he won a scholarship to study in France.
He introduced the use of glass brick and aluminum to build furniture when he did furniture for the Aluminum Company of America.  He models his furniture designs first in clay and loves flowing and “fun” design.  He was a sculptor, and architect and an interior designer.
He designed a line of furniture for Romweber in cherry with a light topaz finish.  He also did a dining table which extends to 114” without a center support.  He also designed a desk, china cabinet and bookcase which can work together as a wall unit or be used separately.
An innovator in design using a variety of materials!!!

Country of origin: 

United States

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