George Mulhouser

George mulhouser graduated from the pratt institute in 1953 with a degree in industrial design.  in 1955 he created the coconut chair!  he worked for herman miller developing the steel frame cases and then in the 60's he created the "mr" chair in his home and it was produced by plycraft.  In the late 50s, Mulhauser developed geometric molded fibreglass glass for Paul McCobb, while contributing to further advances in office systems with Stendig, integrating a novel, recessed file system at arm’s length across the desk surface. During this period, he taught furniture design at Pratt. At the Newark School of Fine & Industrial Arts, he lectured in 3D design.  directional industries, inc., marketed his "mr" chair with great success.  it was also produced in europe.

Country of origin: 

United States

Life Span: 

1922 - 2002

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