Eliel Saarinen

Eliel Saarinen et al.

Eliel Saarinen et al.
In 1939 Eliel Saarinen (1873-1950), Eva Lisa (Pipsan) Saarinen Swanson (1905-1979), and J. Robert F. Swanson (1900-1981) introduced their “Flexible Home Arrangements Group” which consisted of 32 designs of furniture. The furniture was manufactured by The Johnson Furniture Company of Grand Rapids.
In 1947 Pipsan Saarinen Swanson and Robert Swanson introduced the “Saarinen-Swanson Group” which added 22 new designs to the group including updated designs, which Eliel Saarinen originally made for the Flexible Home Arrangements Group.
All 54 pieces were made by Johnson and are constructed of “North Michigan birch, finished in clear lacquer so that the interesting subtle grain of the wood becomes an integral part of the design”, according to a Johnson Furniture Company memo regarding the introduction.
The Flexible Home Arrangements Group was retailed by, among others, W&J Sloane and John Stuart Inc. (52 stores from coast to coast).

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