ROSSINAVI and the Millenials | Yacht Designs at Art Basel

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Francesca Trelani, Iza Emmett, Chulhun Park, Rossinavi

DESIGN MIAMI / ART BASEL - November 29, 2016
MODERNISM isn't just 20th Century!   I am extremely excited to have found incredible PASSION in the work of these designers and their COO, Federico Rossi. The vision they have for the future is being created NOW in this line of very high "tech" yachts!!!   The design is impeccable.  
I spoke at length with Frencesca Romana Trelani, the designer who did the interior concepts for Porject I-Tron and who has an Architectural degree as well.  She chose materials for the interior that would reflect the exterior ocean colors and feelings.  The fabrics are all natural and can be used indoors or outdoors!!!   All the materials and designs play with the available or artificial lights of the vessel.
The concept for Project I-Tron is a result of the vision of exterior superyacht designer Chulhun Park of South Korea.  “I believe this bold attempt has never been tried before. I am an innovative pioneer doing exterior design n the superyacht industry and I believe that [Project I-Tron] will be suited for a client with an interest for great adventure whose identity will guide her across the oceans.”
IT'S ALL ABOUT THE LIGHT!    The huge picture windows can withstand an exterior pressure of 60,000 tons!!!  The entire feeling will be one of being at one with the ocean!!!!  Mr. Rossi tells me that it takes 2 years to build a vessel and that the client is encouraged to participate in the design, therefore taking into consideration each customer's needs and ideas.  Partnering at its utomost in that the result becomes a true "ownership" of not only the vessel but of its creation.
NOW - HOW CAN i get one??? 
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