Art Nouveau Wax Mannequin sculpture, ex jewellers & chateau



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Measures (Inches)
- Height: 14.5 - Length: 9.5 - Depth: 7

Dating to the mid 1800s, this beautiful antique wax bust sculpture has a rather sweet story behind it.
It was bought at a sale at a local chateau which had been inherited and was being cleared before renovations were to be carried out.  It was on a dressing table in a bedroom, and was there because one of the previous owners had bought it - along with the jewellery it was used to display - as a gift for his
Later French mannequins often had glass eyes and teeth, and wigs.  I love the statue-like, classical feel to this totally unique item, which also has an Art Nouveau feel to it with the attention to her beauty and flowing hair.
The inside of her head is packed with straw (I know how that feels) and as you can see, is flat to the back meaning that she doesn't need to take up too much space wherever she ends up next.
I think the idea of giving this as a gift along with some jewellery was very sweet, and I'd love to think that that might happen again...
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